Car Accidents and the effect on the Spine.

Car Accidents and the effects on the spine.

Posted: February 14, 2013
By: Dr Michael Rogers

A car accident can be very painful and emotional thing. I know because I had one not so long ago and I still feel the effects of it. 

A small 5 mile per hour impact from behind can cause significant whiplash and cause spinal misalignments that if not corrected, can cause a lifetime of spinal problems.

Whiplash is common in a car accident, and is when your head whips forward and lashes back at a very high rate of speed. This can cause severe trauma to the muscles, which we refer to as severe spasm. Perhaps the worst complication of a car accident is when the bones of your spine become "knocked out of alignment", which we call a subluxation. If left unchecked, these bones can stay misaligned and subluxated for many years. This can lead to spinal disc degeneration, arthritis, and many other spinal complications. If you are involved in a car acident, on the job injury, sports injury, or any high impact injury, please get your spine checked by a Chiropractor to restore spinal health.

After my car accident, I recieved Chiropractic Care on  a regular basis. I am grateful to have done this because I am very acticve and love to work out and play sports. I also need to be able to serve patients and do what I really Love...Chiropractic!